Student Volunteers

AB PIP STEM encourages jr. high and high school students to volunteer for our special events. Last year, students earned community service credits for volunteering at Market Math Mania stations at the Roche Bros. and Star Party stations at the Parker Damon School. High school students can also get involved with Discover STEM, the reverse science fair hosted every other year at ABRHS. Interested?

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Student volunteers may qualify for Accept the Challenge Awards, School Service Awards, AB PIP STEM Scholarships or Leadership Service Awards.  Find out more about AB PIP STEM Scholarships

Students, would you like to get involved?
  • Take part in an AB PIP STEM event
  • Help coordinate an event or activity 
  • Suggest a new STEM or STEAM event
  • Earn student volunteer service credit
  • Pursue your interests in math, biology, astronomy, ecology, conservation, engineering and science
  • Hone your leadership skills
  • Support math and science education
  • Work with younger students (Market Math or Star Party)
  • Learn about STEM jobs at Discover STEM
  • Come to a PIP Meeting or email us at to find out more

Accept the Challenge

ABRHS students are invited to Accept the Challenge to participate in community service. It’s not hard to make volunteering a part of your life, and it can be a very rewarding thing to do. Information on this web site and in the Counseling Center can provide tools for students interested in volunteering.
  • The Accept the Challenge Community Service Report form is a report form on which students can track their volunteer hours. It should be submitted to the Counseling Center by early December to report hours for the calendar year. You can print this form and hand write the information or you can download the form (Microsoft Word) and fill it in electronically. 
  • Accept the Challenge: What Counts? provides a list of which in-school and out-of-school opportunities can be tracked as volunteer hours. It also specifies which types of activities may not be reported as volunteer hours.
Market Math