AB PIP STEM projects represent different types of STEM involvement.  For example, AB PIP STEM supports Earth Day which is a worldwide annual event and Green Acton which is a local green group. Likewise, AB PIP STEM does not host the Science Family Night; we support and promote the AB Science Team.  AB PIP STEM is always looking for members to suggest new project ideas.  Recent volunteers suggested recycling projects, robotics teams and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) events.  Got an idea for a project? Join us.  Get involved.  We are always looking for new ideas for projects or events.

Projects, Grades K-12

Green Events
Green Events
AB PIP STEM supports green initiatives including Earth Day and Green Acton. Earth Day is a worldwide spring event that focuses on conservation. Find out what your family can do to help conserve and protect our precious water and natural resources. Appropriate for all agesGreen Acton is a volunteer organization encouraging sustainable town-wide initiatives. 
Solar Energy
Solar Energy
AB PIP STEM joins the Acton Solar Panel Project in encouraging alternative energy education and environmental awareness among young people. In collaboration with the AB Regional School System, AB PIP STEM is working on educational initiatives for students to learn more about the town's solar panels, data collection and energy consumption. Appropriate for all grades. See Solar Energy for links to the solar data.

Projects, Grades 7-12

The Engineering Workshops were led by MIT engineering students. The goal was to answer the question "What is Engineering?" for students ingrades 7-12. The presenters gave an overview of engineering disciplines, explain why engineering is a rewarding career, and shared their experiences as engineering students.  See the Engineering page for details.

Science Fairs
AB PIP STEM supports the annual Science Family Night, hosted by ABRHS Science, Environthon, IGEM and Resource Force Teams as students from the high school present fun and interactive science activities to elementary-aged students at Science Family Night.

AB PIP STEM hosts the biennial DiscoverSTEM reverse science fair. 
 At the last event, products ranged from electric cars to electric bikes, and sponsors ranged from iRobot to The Discovery Museums. Find out more about DiscoverSTEM.