Global Events invites us to switch off lights for one hour every year to show we care about climate change.

Earth Day is an annual spring event to inspire awareness and appreciation for environment.

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AB PIP STEM Earth Events

Every year, AB PIP STEM supports Earth Hour. In the past, we introduced several new Earth Events including a Local Earth Hour, an Acton-Boxborough STEM Film Fest, an AB PIP STEM Book Club and a Green Energy Fair.

In 2007, Acton was one of the first towns to participate in Earth Hour. According to the Globe article titled Boston landmarks to go dark for climate campaign, "Other participating US cities include Washington, D.C., New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, and Dallas, Forman said. Acton, Mass. is also included on the list, which Forman said grows 'by leaps and bounds' each day. Universities, including Harvard University, have signed up to campaign for the cause." Read the Globe article.

Green Acton

PIP supports and collaborates with Green Acton, a local grassroots organization working with town officials to conserve resources and encourage sustainability in Acton, Massachusetts. The Green Acton team is investigating the EPA Energy Challenge, an opportunity for municipalities across New England to identify simple and cost-effective measures to increase energy efficiency and use renewable energy sources. Every community that participates in this program can receive EPA assistance, and the payoffs for participating can be big.

New England has one of the highest energy costs in the country. A typical town of 25,000 spends more than $1 million annually on electricity and heating fuel for public buildings. EPA estimates that as much as 30 percent of the energy used in such buildings might be wasted. New England's 1,500 cities, towns and associated school districts together spend almost $1 billion every year on energy for buildings. Their 4,500 public K-12 schools spend more than $500 million on energy–more than on textbooks and computers combined.