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Acton PIP continues to find ways to integrate solar energy education into the school system. Want to check your energy consumption? Calculate Your Carbon Footprint!
Solar Energy
Acton has been adding PV solar to our energy supply since 2007 when AB PIP STEM and the schools collaborated to install a 2kW demonstration array on top of the snack shack at the football field.

Since that time, much progress has been made on installing solar to supply school and municipal use. These arrays have all been accomplished at zero cost to the schools and town, and provide electricity at a substantial discount below that purchased from NSTAR. Find out more about the AB Solar Projects.
  • 100 kW array on the Acton-Boxborough Regional High School roof
  • 100 kW array on the R. J. Grey Junior High roof
  • 80 kW array on the Douglas Elementary School roof
  • 80 kW array on the DPW roof
  • 1590 kW array on municipal landfill site operational since December 2013. See the real-time power output for the landfill panels.
In addition, Acton participated in the "Solarize Mass" program in 2012 resulting in the installation of 35 residential systems totaling 179 kW.

History of Solar in Acton

In 2007, more than 170 families answered the call to the Acton Solar Challenge and donated more than $15,000 to the New England Wind Fund to help Acton win a free solar panel. As a result, the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative matched those funds and awarded the town a 2kW solar panel for a public building. Acton PIP and the Acton Climate Action Team (ACAT) collaborated on raising awareness of this Acton Solar Panel Project. The 2kW solar panel was installed on the roof of the snack stand at Leary Field.

About 40 Acton residents including State Representative Jamie Eldridge celebrated the Acton Solar Panel Project with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Leary Field on November 17, 2007. Grey Skies Didn't Stop the Solar Celebration, according to The Beacon. During the ceremony, Acton PIP received a $5,000 donation from CISCO to enhance the educational value of the Solar Panel project. The solar panel array on the Leary Field concession stand feeds clean electricity into the ABRSD grid!