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Science Sites

  • ARKive Science Games
    Play fun free science games and puzzles with ARKive, whether you just love animals or want to learn more about the environment and conservation. 
  • ENature
  • Science NetLinks
  • NEWTON, Ask A Scientist, an online Q&A service for K-12 teachers and their students for Science, Math, and Computer Science K-12. 
  • Want to know more about the flu? The Center for Disease Control (CDC) FluView report provides weekly influenza surveillance and statistics in the United States. 
  • Is Mars Red Hot? 
    What would it feel like if you could stand on Mars—toasty warm, or downright chilly? Find out in this 60-second video from NASA. Mars may look hot, but don't let its color fool you. Mars is actually pretty cold! 


Science & Math Sites

  • Study Jams combines the coolest songs about math and science with over 200 tutorials on topics and concepts like the Universe, Landforms, and Range.
    Study Jams

Math Sites

Astronomy News
AAA Math
4 Great Math Games
Brain Cake

Fun Brain offers rich and compelling space, astronomy and technology information, education, entertainment and business news. Another astronomy site: Mars Rovers. Basic math skills organized by grade level and topic. Each topic has an explanation, interactive practice, and several challenge games. 4 Great Math Games to try from Scholastic. Learn about probability including mental addition, strategic thinking, and relating multiplication and geometry. Braincake is a website for girls age 11 - 17 from around the globe who want to change the world with math and science! Partnered with Carnegie Science Center. Games with great graphics. The games center around a variety of topic areas and themes, such as Math Baseball, Fresh Baked Fractions, and Math Cat Racing.
Web Math
A + Math
Brain Teasers
Plenty of problems and activities for all ages including reference material, how-to's, and content ranging from numbers and operations to calculus. Online and printable worksheets, flashcards, and interactive games. It covers numeric operations, fractions, decimals, square roots, rounding, and basic algebra. Enjoy solving the Problems of the Week (POWs) including numbers, operations, measurement, geometry, probability, algebra, patterns, ratios, and geometry. Try this comprehensive math site with math tools, games, and reference pages including flash cards, magic squares, metric converters, and an "ask the experts" link to Dr. Math. For students who want a challenge! Each week the site posts a new brain teaser for grades 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8. Solutions are posted a week later.