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  • Is Mars Red Hot? 
    What would it feel like if you could stand on Mars—toasty warm, or downright chilly? Find out in this 60-second video from NASA. Mars may look hot, but don't let its color fool you. Mars is actually pretty cold! 

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Nature and Environment

  • ARKive Science Games

    Play fun free science games and puzzles with ARKive, whether you just love animals or want to learn more about the environment and conservation.
  • ENature

Study Skills

  • Study Jams combines the coolest songs about math and science with over 200 tutorials on topics and concepts like the Universe, Landforms, and Range.
    Study Jams
  • NEWTON, Ask A Scientist, an online Q&A service for K-12 teachers and their students for Science, Math, and Computer Science K-12.
  • Science NetLinks