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Online Activities

Virtual Events

Dr. Marsha Wilcox launched our new online series by taking us on a journey Out of This World: The Wonders of the Night Sky with an astro-photography show of nebulae, galaxies and the aurora borealis. Thanks to all who attended. Here are some links to get you started on being an amateur astronomer. 

At Home STEM Activities

Online Market Math Activities

Market Math
Every year PIP collaborates with the Roche Bros Supermarket for two in-store, math-based events for 3rd and 5th grade students. Try out the at-home Market Math activities.

Math & Science Games, Sites & News

Check out our collection of online math and science games from Brain Teasers to Interactive Challenges plus online science and math websites. For the lastest techie news including "explainers" and "science word of the week," visit Science News for Students.

KenKen, Sudoku, Domino Math
Try your hand at KenKen, Sudoku or Domino Math at home while honing your math skills! AB PIP Domino Math games are a great way to learn Times Tables and how to solve puzzles. See Family Math Games for instructions, printouts and online versions.

Night of Code Online
Play computer games while learning to code with our at-home activities. Our online games come from

How to Make a Kite

Make your own kite at home from materials you have around the house with the Discovery Museum's at Home Activities.

Join the Escape Room!!

Do you like riddles and solving problems?  Have you ever wanted to learn a little bit about the world of computer science?

Virtual Escape Map

Learn About Acton Water 

Print this AB PIP STEM Acton Waterwise placemat to learn fun facts about the Acton Water supply and play some games at home. 
Water Wise Placemat

Cams, Cams, Cams

Stuck at home? Check out these Web Cams: