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Increasing Community Involvement in STEM Education K-12

Market Math Star Party Nature Walk Discover STEM Book Club Family Math Games Night of Code
Market Math Star Party Nature Walks Discover STEM Book Club Math Games Night of Code

Learn About Acton Water 

Print this AB PIP STEM Acton Waterwise placemat to learn fun facts about the Acton Water supply and play some games at home. 
Water Wise Placemat

2020 Summer Bridge At-Home Workbooks

Summer is here, and AB PIP STEM is offering our popular Summer Bridge books. Support PIP and local STEM activities when you order online using the promo code ABPIP

Summer Bridge Activities workbooks are designed to help your children retain classroom skills and reinforce concepts. The award-winning Summer Bridge books sharpen your students' Math and Reading and prepare them for the next year. All books are $14.98 including shipping directly to your home.

  1. Go to
  2. Choose your books* or other fun products.
  3. Check out and be sure to enter our school code ABPIP.
Your books will be delivered right to your door by U.S. Mail.

* Includes Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Fitness, and more...
* Aligned to current state standards
* Includes FREE online companion
* Organized by daily activities
* 160 colorful pages!

2020 AB PIP STEM Scholarships

2020 scholarships
Congratulations to the Class of 2020 AB PIP STEM volunteers who were awarded scholarships at the AB Scholarship Night (filmed by Acton TV). Below are our four AB PIP STEM Scholarship winners:

  • Isabella Hart, who volunteered the most hours for the most years, will attend the University of New Hampshire at Durham.
  • Sanjana Krishna will attend Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Kirtana Krishnakumar will attend University College London.
  • Mehul Suri will attend the University of Pennsylvania.

At Home STEM Activities

PIP At Home

Online Market Math Activities

Market Math
Every year PIP collaborates with the Roche Bros Supermarket for two in-store, math-based events for 3rd and 5th grade students. Try out the at-home Market Math activities.

Math & Science Games, Sites & News

Check out our collection of online math and science games from Brain Teasers to Interactive Challenges plus online science and math websites. For the lastest techie news including "explainers" and "science word of the week," visit Science News for Students.

KenKen, Sudoku, Domino Math
Try your hand at KenKen, Sudoku or Domino Math at home while honing your math skills! AB PIP Domino Math games are a great way to learn Times Tables and how to solve puzzles. See Family Math Games for instructions, printouts and online versions.

Night of Code Online
Play computer games while learning to code with our at-home activities. Our online games come from

How To Make a Kite

Make your own kite at home from materials you have around the house with the Discovery Museum's at Home Activities.

Cams, Cams, Cams

Stuck at home? Check out these Web Cams:

Covid-19 Update

We Welcome New Members

Are you interested in STEM education? AB PIP STEM welcomes new members including parent volunteers and student volunteers. Student volunteers may qualify for community service credit and the chance to win an AB PIP STEM Scholarship. To find out more, attend a monthly meeting or sign up below. We'll add you to our email list to let you know about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities. You can unsubscribe anytime. 

Adults: Sign Up Here


Karen Pierce Co-Chair 
Dewi Win Co-Chair
Karen Herther Coach & Co-Chair Emerita

AB PIP STEM: Making Science Fun!

AB PIP STEM sponsors FREE local K-12 educational events in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) in Acton and Boxborough, Massachusetts.  

Our events include Market Math, Star Party, Nature Walks, Discover STEM fair, STEM Book Club, Family Math Game Night and Night of Code.  We offer STEM games on our website and take-home activities at the Acton Memorial Library. AB PIP STEM welcomes parent volunteers and student volunteers.

Event Calendar

Find out about our events and meetings on our Calendar page or read the AB PIP STEM BrochurePlease join us! 

For more STEM in the News and AB PIP STEM recaps, see Science & Math Resources, Science & Math NewsAB PIP STEM news or archives.