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AB PIP STEM is a volunteer organization of parents, educators, and community partners promoting Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) K-12 education in Acton and Boxborough, Massachusetts. AB PIP STEM offers family-oriented events like K-6 Nature Walks3rd and 5th Grade Market Math, 4th Grade Star Party and K-12 Grade Family Math Game Night. Visit the AB PIP STEM Calendar for all events, times and dates, or open our AB PIP STEM Brochure to find out more about our events. Join the e-loop, volunteer or contact us at actonpip@gmail.com. We need parent volunteers and student volunteers on our team. Students may be eligible for AB PIP STEM scholarships and community service credits.

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Over 30 Years of Research Suggests That...

"Parental participation improves a student's learning. This is true whether the child is in preschool or the upper grades, whether the family is rich or poor, well educated or not. When families are involved in their children's education in positive ways, children achieve higher grades, better test scores, have better attendance at school, complete homework, demonstrate positive attitudes and behavior, graduate at high rates, and go on to school." ...Massachusetts Family Literacy Consortium
"Multiple factors contribute to a child's success, or lack of it in school. Yet in study after study, one finding stands out repeatedly: When parents are engaged in their children's education, their children do better." ...Time Magazine, 11/12/2001, Disney Learning Partnership

"Profile of an Involved Parent - Parents who are involved talk to their children often about school and the value of education. They provide educational resources. They allot time in the family schedule for schoolwork. And they strive to achieve a productive, two-way, mutually accountable partner relationship with their children's teachers." ...Time Magazine, 11/21/2001, Disney Learning Partnership (By Anne T. Henderson, a Washington-based senior consultant with the Institute for Education and Social Policy and co-author of A New Generation of Evidence: The Family is Critical to Student Achievement)


The mission of Acton-Boxborough PIP STEM is to provide and promote:
  • Family-oriented math and science activities and events
  • Collaboration among parents, students, schools, community leaders, and business partners
  • Resources that enrich Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education in our community.


Acton-Boxborough PIP received a multi-year grant from the Massachusetts Department of Education (DOE) in 2001 and 2002 as part of the Statewide Parent Involvement Program. Although the DOE PIP funding ended, the Acton PIP coalition is dedicated to continuing its mission.

Market Math
Students playing Math Games at Market Math Mania