Nature Walks

Nature Walks

Every fall and spring, we sponsor nature walks in one of Acton's Conservation areas. Please join us for a FREE Guided Nature Walk with our guide, Tom Tidman, Director of Acton’s Natural Resources Department. Enrollment is limited to 20 school-aged children. This is not a drop-off event; children must be accompanied by an adult, but siblings are welcome.

Nature Walk with Tom Tidman

Tom Tidman on a Fall Nature Walk

Using the Acton, Naturally Guides, we find seasonal flora and fauna at one of the town's conservation areas, such as, the Acton Arboretum, Nara Park or the Trail Through Time.

Acton Nature Guide

During Nature Walks, we reference the Acton Nature Guide, updated for 2022, to identify indigenous species and find local, seasonal flora and fauna. You can borrow an Acton Nature Guide from the Acton Memorial Library or the West Acton Citizens' Library or you can purchase an Acton Nature Guide guide at Pedal Power on Route 2A in Acton or Unicorn Books in West Acton. Find out more.

The Acton Nature Guide was sponsored by the Town of Acton Natural Resources Department with Support from AB PIP STEM.

Map of Acton Conservation Areas

  1. Nashoba Brook/Camp Acton/Spring Hill/Robbins Hill

  2. Stoneymeade

  3. Wetherbee Land

  4. Great Hill

  5. Pratt's Brook

  6. Heath Hen Meadow

  7. Pacy

  8. Guggins Brook

  9. Jenks Land

  10. Bulette/Town Forest

  11. Grassy Pond

  12. Nagog Hill

  13. Will's Hole/Town Forest

  14. Arboretum

  15. Wright Hill

  16. Morrison Farm

  17. Acton Canoe Launch/Assabet River Trail